Your Future-Trip is Canceled

today i made the mistake of reading some other ivf blogs

some of them describe, in great detail, the side effects of ivf hormones


i’m not sure why, but those hormones are the scariest part of ivf for me


obvs pregnancy and childbirth will be much more difficult

Try to stay off your feet until after the baby's born.

i understand that rationally, but i still get the heebie-jeebies


so i googled “ivf injectible side effects”

because i’m a moron

comedian john mulaney

comedian john mulaney

but then i came upon some articles that said most women don’t have serious side effects

and some even feel better on hormones!

303891 but, that’s not the point


i get lost in my head thinking about this stuff

aka future-tripping


and i need to stay in the moment

take it one day at a time


breaking difficult things down into smaller parts

can make them less scary

"anatomy of a monster" by chunkysmurf

“anatomy of a monster”
by chunkysmurf

i need to focus on now


i feel a hollowness in my chest from reading those other blogs

but it will pass


it always does.


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    Ivf is a tough journey I won’t lie but it is manageable. Apart from bloating just before collection I have had no major side effects from the meds. The hard part is the emotional journey you will go in.

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