Advance to GO (Do NOT Collect $200)

well, it’s happening.  it’s really happening


i got confirmation from the nurse this morning that it’s safe to restart my cycle with Provera


let me explain.

i have irregular cycles

which is probably one of the most frustrating things on the planet when you’re trying to conceive


and my cycles are not just a little irregular


i am not joking nor exaggerating

in 2013 my cycles were: 47, 55, 56, 53, 44, 50, 37, and 32 days long


just trying to make a point


i truly thought i might have gotten pregnant this cycle

but, it seems that any symptoms i thought i had were all in my head


after the initial disappointment wore off, i started to feel excited


if everything goes as planned, in six weeks i’ll have a 50% chance of being pregnant!



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