Miracle of Miracles

you guys


i just made the most AMAZING

discovery on pinterest

(i’ve become a bit of an addict recently…

…to my dismay)

anyway, you know how sometimes you get those ugly, yellow armpit stains

on your most favorite of shirts??

well, fear no more!

someone has figured out a way to make those little buggers disappear!

all you do is take 1 part blue dawn dish soap

(does it really have to be the blue stuff?

we’ll never know, but let’s say yes)

mix it with 2 parts hydrogen peroxide

(you know, the stuff that BUBBLES)

mix it with 1 part magical baking soda

pour your mixture right onto the stain

take an old toothbrush

and scrub, scrub, scrub away

wait an hour or so

(i’m not so good with the waiting

but my husband says some chemistry has to happen)

then “launder as usual”

so i guess that means pop it in one of these

or one of these (if you live in 1940)

now i know this is the part you’ve been waiting for…


i took a shirt that i’ve had for 21 years



as per any good blog, here’s my photographic evidence:

as you can see, this shirt is so old that the armpit stains reach beyond the pale

so i’ll have to do it again and make sure i get it all

but STILL!!


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