You’ll Be SOY Glad You Read This Post!

have you ever seen people at starbucks ask for soy milk at the bar

and proceed to fill up half of their cup?

or, worse even, have you been a perpetrator of this crime?? this thievery??


no, but really, i’ve done this and i’ve seen people do this
(one barista genuinely asked one such woman if he hadn’t put enough soy in her drink and this woman lied through her teeth and said that it was too hot so she needed to cool it off


ok. i have figured out a legal way to get around this and avoid baristas’ dirty looks and my own guilty conscience

step 1: become a starbucks gold card members

step 2: order your coffee with soy milk in it (they will even offer to steam it for you!)

step 3: bask in the glory of gold card membership.

you see, soy milk is an extra 60¢…

but gold card members get it for FREE!

while i’m at it, there are other benefits to this exclusive* club

*not at all

like, any free drink on your birthday

any free drink for every 15 purchases you make on your card

and any free drink with the purchase of coffee beans

this was not meant to turn into starbucks manifesto

but i DO love starbucks!

if you share my love of starbucks, please read:

how starbucks saved my life by michael gates gill (a memoir)


pour your heart into it by starbucks ceo, howard schultz (history of starbucks)

i have yet to read his latest book, onward.

ok, i’m done! go meet a friend for coffee!

(at starbucks or your favorite local coffee shop. we don’t judge here!)


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