Take That, Gordon Ramsay!

a few weeks ago,

the contestants on masterchef

were challenged to make mushroom ravioli…from scratch!

since mushroom ravioli is, like, one of my fave dishes

i decided to try.

i won’t bore you with the details

(click here for the recipe)

so. i started out by cutting up some mushrooms

and don’t forget the garlic!

then i took a big glob of butter and melted it in a pan

(this is not the healthiest of recipes)

i added the mushrooms and garlic to the pan and let them “sweat”

apparently this does not mean taking them to the gym


meanwhile, i put some flour on a big wooden table

and made a little “bowl” for two eggs

then with a little determination and a lot of fairy dust

it turned into this:

i had to let the dough “rest”

maybe it would like a pillow

and a teddy bear?

while the dough was napping,

i mixed the pumped up mushrooms with some ricotta and parmesan for to fill the raviolis with

i was so flustered by trying to get the dough PAPER THIN

“because that is the secret to great raviolis”

that i didn’t get a picture.

i then scooped little tbspfulls of filling onto the dough


(this was the deal breaker for gordon, graham, and joe)

i (probably very unskillfully) pinched around the edges of my raviolis

(which kind of made them look like pelmeni)

wrong country!!!

anywho. i boiled them up and they actually tasted pretty good!

watch out!  there’s a NEW chef in da house.


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    Susan Messenger said,

    Seriously nobody else has commented ? Lovely post. Will give these a whirl tomorrow.

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