10 Things I Learned From My Temp Job

for the past two weeks, i’ve been working at an architecture firm

i learned several useful things

number one: don’t use scissors to cut straight lines, dummy!
there is a tool for that.

number two: label, label, label!

number three: binders are your friends

number four: when the company offers to buy you lunch, you accept!

number five: when bette midler’s manager calls, do not ask her to repeat herself

number six: architecture people are awesome!

but of course, i already knew that.

number seven: i love love love wearing shorts, sandals, and t-shirts

number eight: i love west elm. it is cool and not hideously expensive.

(although it does carry a lot of completely useless items

like this

or this)

number nine: i do not like The Establishment

and last but not least, number ten: i’m glad i’m self-employed


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